Education Pathway

At Furen International School, we provide quality education aimed at providing you with the best possible knowledge and skills required for University studies. Most of our courses are taught using a modular system, resulting in them being varied and flexible, able to provide you with options suitable for your age, academic level and learning capacity.

For a better understanding of our courses and how they can be structured to provide you with a seamless education from 12 years old up to Pre-University, please click on any of the links below for examples of education pathways to University based on your age at the start of that calendar year and education standard:

Age 11 and Primary 6 Education

Age 12 and Secondary 1 Education

Age 13 and Secondary 2 Education

Age 14 and Secondary 3 Education

Age 15 and Secondary 4 Education

Age 16 and Pre-University 1 Education

* Do note that the education pathways listed above are not the only possible options. For further information and assistance in mapping out your education pathway, please kindly contact our Student Development Managers.

For a full list of our courses, please refer to:

Pre-University Courses

Upper Secondary Courses

Lower Secondary Courses