School Activities

Willing Hearts- Volunteer (06/04/2019)

Posted on: 8-Apr-19

Harmony Xtravaganza 2019

Posted on: 5-Apr-19

Singapore Discovery Centre

Posted on: 29-Mar-19

Singapore Math Kangaroo Contest 2019

Posted on: 27-Mar-19

Congratulations | FIS Dong YuKun received a letter of acceptance from Temasek Polytechnic and Nanyang Polytechnic

Posted on: 26-Mar-19

Honours List based on February Unit Assessment.

Posted on: 26-Mar-19

Furen International School BBGB Volunteer Project

Posted on: 21-Mar-19

Furen “4A* goddess” Li Kexuan share her secrets on her Cambridge University Application Process.

Posted on: 12-Mar-19

Congratulations to 3A* Student Shi Xiaoting for receiving the “Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship” from Glasgow University

Posted on: 28-Jan-19

FIS Students scores extraordinary results for International Cambridge A-Level

Posted on: 23-Jan-19

City University of Hong Kong Offering Huge Scholarship to FIS Students

Posted on: 26-Nov-18

FIS Alumni At SUTD

Posted on: 21-Nov-18

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