University Recognition

Furen International School is proud and pleased to work with these world-esteemed universities in connecting with bright international students brimming with potential. These 74 universities provide conditional offers to students of Furen International School based on their A-Level graduation examination results with many of them also providing early admission.

Australian National University* (QS ranking: 20)
University of New South Wales (QS ranking: 45)
University of Queensland* (QS ranking: 47)
University of Western Australia (QS ranking: 93)
University of Adelaide* (QS ranking: 109)
Queensland University of Technology* (QS ranking: 247)
Curtin University* (QS ranking: 262)
University of South Australia* (QS ranking: 279)
Deakin University (QS ranking: 293)
Swinburne University of Technology (QS ranking: 421 – 430)
Bond University (QS ranking: 431 – 440)
Flinders University* (QS ranking: 551 – 600)
Western Sydney University* (QS ranking: 551 – 600)
Wentworth Institute (QS ranking: unranked)

University of Alberta* (QS ranking: 90)
University of Saskatchewan* (QS ranking: 451 – 460)
Ryerson University (QS ranking: 801 – 1000)
Wilfrid Laurier University (QS ranking: unranked)
Emily Carr (QS ranking: unranked)
Humber College (QS ranking: unranked)
LaSalle College International (QS ranking: unranked)

Technical University of Denmark (QS ranking: 116)

Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Lyon (INSA) (QS ranking: 451 – 460)

University of Bayreuth (QS ranking: 551 – 600)

City University of Hong Kong (QS ranking: 49)
Hong Kong Baptist University (QS ranking: 299)
Centennial College  (QS ranking: unranked)
Chu Hai College of Higher Education (QS ranking: unranked)
Hong Kong Shue Yan University (QS ranking: unranked)

Dayananda Sagar University* (QS ranking: unranked)

Ben Gurion University of The Negev (QS ranking: 352)

University of Auckland* (QS ranking: 82)
University of Otago* (QS ranking: 151)
University of Canterbury* (QS ranking: 214)
Massey University* (QS ranking: 316)

Stellenbosch University (QS ranking: 361)

National Central University (QS ranking: 391)

Mahidol University (QS ranking: 334)
Siam Technology College (QS ranking: unranked)

University of Amsterdam (QS ranking: 58)
University of Groningen (QS ranking: 113)
Tilburg University (QS ranking: 357)

Durham University (QS ranking: 78)
University of Sussex (QS ranking: 228)
University of Essex (QS ranking: 347)
Oxford Brookes University (QS ranking: 361)
Goldsmiths, University of London (QS ranking: 398)
Bath Spa University** (QS ranking: unranked)

Boston University (QS ranking: 81)
University of Minnesota (QS ranking: 163)
University of Illinois at Chicago** (QS ranking: 207)
The University of Arizona (QS ranking: 230)
University of Kansas** (QS ranking: 386)
University of Utah** (QS ranking: 391)
University of Colorado, Denver (QS ranking: 394)
American University** (QS ranking: 471 – 480)
Syracuse University (QS ranking: 501 – 550)
University of South Carolina** (QS ranking: 601 – 650)
Louisiana State University** (QS ranking: 651 – 700)
University at Albany SUNY (QS ranking: 651 – 700)
University of Central Florida** (QS ranking: 701 – 750)
Florida International University** (QS ranking: 751 – 800)
Loyola University Chicago (QS ranking: 751 – 800)
Kansas State University (QS ranking: 751 – 800)
University of Tulsa* (QS ranking: 751 – 800)
Auburn University** (QS ranking: 801 – 1000)
University of the Pacific** (QS ranking: 801 – 1000)
University of Dayton** (QS ranking: unranked)
Adelphi University** (QS ranking: unranked)
Montana State University (QS ranking: unranked)
The College of Wooster (QS ranking: unranked)
The University of Maine* (QS ranking: unranked)
Webster university (QS ranking: unranked)
William Jessup University (QS ranking: unranked)

For more information on the above universities such as estimated course fees, accommodation fees and academic requirements among others, do refer to our University Recognition online flip book!

*: These universities/colleges provide early admission for students of Furen International School
**: Collaboration with these universities/colleges was established through International University Alliance, not directly with the universities/colleges
The above rankings are based on the 2017-2018 QS World University ranking