University Education Exhibition | The best gift from the School

University Education Exhibition | The best gift from the School

As a derivative of the Graduation Ceremony, an Annual university education exhibition was held for the students at the school at MMR at 9:30 am on 5th October 2018.

Teachers from more than ten famous schools in the United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore have come to the Furen platform to have a face to face exchange and engage with Furen students.

Each booth is neatly placed with brochures and real-life pictures of the school to promote the school from all different angles. The students got a considerable measure of data from the different college.

Some schools even took the extra effort to help students apply for courses to their school. Such an opportunity for students who are in the midst of their schooling is exceptionally rare and valuable.

Special guests from Indonesia specially prepared music performances to make the atmosphere of this year’s university education exhibition more joyful and lively.

The university exhibition ended successfully at 12 noon. The students have learned about their favourite university, some even managed to unravel some issues that cannot be done by mail. Some Students also completed the application on the spot.  Everyone agreed that the Education Exhibition is an exchange between students and colleges to help students to have a more comprehensive understanding of university life and the individual school philosophy. It additionally enables major universities to understand and recruit top students from Furen early. This is the best gift the school gives to the graduates.