University Recognition

Furen International School is proud and pleased to work with these world-esteemed universities in connecting with bright international students brimming with potential. These 79 universities provide conditional offers to students of Furen International School based on their A-Level graduation examination results with many of them also providing early admission.

Australian National University* (QS ranking: 27)
University of New South Wales (QS ranking: 43)
University of Queensland* (QS ranking: 47)
University of Western Australia (QS ranking: 93)
University of Adelaide* (QS ranking: 108)
Queensland University of Technology* (QS ranking: 213)
Curtin University* (QS ranking: 194)
University of South Australia* (QS ranking: 326)
Deakin University (QS ranking: 283)
Swinburne University of Technology (QS ranking: 321)
Bond University (QS ranking: 451)
Flinders University* (QS ranking: 407)
Western Sydney University* (QS ranking: 494)
Wentworth Institute (QS ranking: unranked)

University of Alberta* (QS ranking: 126)
University of Saskatchewan* (QS ranking: 458)
Ryerson University (QS ranking: 801 – 1000)
Wilfrid Laurier University (QS ranking: unranked)
Emily Carr (QS ranking: unranked)
Humber College (QS ranking: unranked)
LaSalle College International (QS ranking: unranked)

Technical University of Denmark (QS ranking: 99)

Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Lyon (INSA) (QS ranking: 531-540)

University of Bayreuth (QS ranking: 521- 530)

City University of Hong Kong (QS ranking: 53)
Hong Kong Baptist University (QS ranking: 287)
Centennial College  (QS ranking: unranked)
Chu Hai College of Higher Education (QS ranking: unranked)
Hong Kong Shue Yan University (QS ranking: unranked)

Dayananda Sagar University* (QS ranking: unranked)

Ben Gurion University of The Negev (QS ranking: 471)

University of Auckland* (QS ranking: 85)
University of Otago* (QS ranking: 194)
University of Canterbury* (QS ranking: 258)
Massey University* (QS ranking: 284)

Stellenbosch University (QS ranking: 482)

Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (QS ranking: unranked)

National Central University (QS ranking: 521-530)

Mahidol University (QS ranking: 255)
Siam Technology College (QS ranking: unranked)
Webster University (QS ranking: unranked)

University of Amsterdam (QS ranking: 55)
University of Groningen (QS ranking: 128)
Tilburg University (QS ranking: 356)

University of Glasgow(QS ranking: 73)
University of Bristol(QS ranking: 62)
Durham University (QS ranking: 82)
University of Sheffield (QS ranking: 95)
University of Sussex (QS ranking: 226)
University of Essex (QS ranking: 439)
Oxford Brookes University (QS ranking: 429)
Goldsmiths, University of London (QS ranking: 461)
Bath Spa University** (QS ranking: unranked)

Boston University (QS ranking: 112)
University of Minnesota (QS ranking: 186)
University of Illinois at Chicago** (QS ranking: 285)
The University of Arizona (QS ranking: 268)
University of Kansas** (QS ranking: 387)
University of Utah** (QS ranking: 358)
University of Colorado, Denver (QS ranking: 414)
American University** (QS ranking: 651 – 700)
Syracuse University (QS ranking: 651 – 700)
University of South Carolina** (QS ranking: 601 – 650)
Louisiana State University** (QS ranking: 801 – 1000)
University at Albany SUNY (QS ranking: 751 – 800)
University of Central Florida** (QS ranking: 751 – 800)
Florida International University** (QS ranking: 801 – 1000)
Loyola University Chicago (QS ranking: 801 – 1000)
Kansas State University (QS ranking: 801 – 1000)
University of Tulsa* (QS ranking: 801 – 1000)
Auburn University** (QS ranking: 801 – 1000)
University of the Pacific** (QS ranking: 1001 – 1200)
University of Dayton** (QS ranking: unranked)
Adelphi University** (QS ranking: unranked)
Montana State University (QS ranking: unranked)
The College of Wooster (QS ranking: unranked)
The University of Maine* (QS ranking: unranked)
Webster university (QS ranking: unranked)
William Jessup University (QS ranking: unranked)

For more information on the above universities such as estimated course fees, accommodation fees and academic requirements among others, do refer to our University Recognition flipbook at the top of the page

*: These universities/colleges provide early admission for students of Furen International School
**: Collaboration with these universities/colleges was established through International University Alliance, not directly with the universities/colleges
The above rankings are based on the 2022 QS World University ranking.