Student Teacher Evaluation Survey 2018

Student Teacher Evaluation Survey 2018

Feedback Is Essential

Feedback is an essential part of effective learning, and Furen International School (FIS) believes that the most direct, daily observers of a teacher’s performance are the students in the classroom. Students are thus a potentially valuable source of information to evaluate and improve teaching effectiveness. FIS additionally have faith in listening to the student, to enable the teachers to enhance their teaching techniques and furthermore to enable them to draw in the student all the more adequately.

From the different feedbacks from the students previously, external the school has provided more training on teaching pedagogy conducted by highly qualified trainer for newly joined teachers, to give an overview of examination matters and provide training in classroom management in separate training sessions for teachers. There is also regular in-house pedagogical training especially for new teachers joining the school.

How Did FIS Fare?

From the latest Teacher’s Evaluation Survey, we believe that the school has gained enormous ground in enhancing the distinctive territories in educating. From this year’s survey when contrasted with the past two surveys, we discovered awesome enhancement in these couple of regions.

  1. FIS teachers are well organized and prepare sufficient and appropriate materials for the lesson
  2. Teachers can handle classroom discipline and disruptions such as playing games, sleeping, and long absences from class more effectively.
  3. Teachers return assignments to students quickly.
  4. Teacher comments on assignments are very useful
  5. Teachers are dedicated and responsible
  6. Teachers are knowledgeable and exhibit professionalism
  7. Teachers are exemplary in their conduct and behaviors

These pointers are areas where it significantly impacted the students this year. In contrast with 2017 and 2018, the average scores for the above pointers have all increased by at least 10%. The results show that students are generally satisfied with our teaching quality, lesson delivery and professionalism shown by teachers. It also affirms our teachers that they have put in more effort in providing an appropriate amount of homework for students to digest and reinforce concepts covered in class.


The Measures That Were Taken

These surveys were not taken just for references but the school will look into taking action to improve further. FIS will provide continuous and more targeted training to raise teacher’s awareness of creative teaching tools, such as visual stimulus, simulations, and interactive games or activities to aid understanding and help learning and teaching be more engaging and effective. Training of teachers will be conducted more regularly to ensure teachers develop a wide repertoire of teaching tools and constantly update their teaching methodology. The school also encourages all teachers to use video as a lesson tool, where possible to follow it up with appropriate and well-designed worksheets or class participation.

Form teachers have been assigned to every class to conduct a discussion with their students about their academic progress, desired future pathways, discipline, attendance or any other issues. Form teachers also organize class bonding activities outside of school, such as games, barbecues or simple dinners together to give teachers an opportunity to know their students better and encourage students to develop a deep understanding and strong camaraderie with one another. As students grow in self-confidence and relate better to the people around them, they will have a better learning experience in FIS.

Moving Forward

Taking everything into account, FIS will continue to improve from the survey results. The school shall continue to work with both teachers and students to make FIS a more conducive environment for education and a better place for every student’s personal development.