Honours List based on February Unit Assessment.

Honours List based on February Unit Assessment.

To motivate and give recognition to students who achieve outstanding academic performance, every month FIS will announce the list of students in the honours list based on their monthly Unit assessment. Students part of the honours list must achieve either A or A* in all their subjects.

Let us look at the students that are on the list for the month of February.

Congratulations to Tran Quoc Dat, Wang Yihan, Zhang Pengcheng, Hu Lan, Liu Muyang, Jiang Tianyu, She Yuhui, Zhang Bowen, Wu Tong, Myat Thuzar Kyaw

FIS students have always been known for their outstanding academic achievements. Good grades have always been an important factor in entering world’s top universities. Although according to the performance the students on the honours list will change every month, but it is an great achievement to be part of this honours list, so do not be discouraged and continue to try to surpass yourself every month.