Furen International School 2018 Graduation Ceremony

Furen International School 2018 Graduation Ceremony










On 5th October 2018, at 4 pm, Furen International School held their 2018 Graduation Ceremony in the Campus. Principal, Ms Li Wei opened the ceremony with a very inspirational speech.

Principal Li Wei reminded all graduates to remember to have a grateful heart, and to be a person who contributes to society. She mentioned, “Graduation does not mean ending, but a new beginning. No matter where you are in the future, I hope that the students of Furen remember the school motto – RISE ABOVE THE ORDINARY”

One of the highlights of the graduation ceremony was none other than the presentation of the graduation certificate. Students who passed the O and A-level examinations all went on stage to receive their own certificate.

In addition, leadership award, CCA Award and Community Service Award were given to affirm the outstanding performance of students achievements beyond their academics.

And of course, the climax of the whole ceremony. Wonderful singing and dancing performances of the students. The performance anchored along the graduation theme “My Furen, My Home”. Showing the gratitude, and the nostalgic love of the students towards Furen International School.

Speech by student representatives and teacher representatives moved everyone and shown the Gratitude of graduates to Furen International School. Teachers’ also shared about their hope for the students, wishing all of them the best in their future. On this note, 2018 FIS Graduation Ceremony officially ended. Furen completed another amazing journey with these students.

FIS wishes every graduate of 2018 a Happy Graduation.