Furen “4A* goddess” Li Kexuan share her secrets on her Cambridge University Application Process.

Furen “4A* goddess” Li Kexuan share her secrets on her Cambridge University Application Process.

Do you all still remember Li Kexuan, Furen “4A* goddess”, who received a scholarship offer from a famous Australian University even before she went to college. She also received a conditional offer for the degree in mathematics from the University of Cambridge (20th World University Rankings, 2019) (5th in the subject of QS World University in 2018). Let us look at her secret in receiving this prestigious offer!


Li Kexuan background introduction: After finishing high school in Kunming, she came to Furen. Before coming to Furen she participated in the college entrance examination and was admitted to Shanghai University of Political Science and Law. Kexuan was feeling very entangled before reporting because her ideal school was East China University of Political Science and Law, but she did not get in because she was short of 9 points. At the same time, she did not get the major that she desires for in Shanghai University of Political Science and Law. Furthermore, she was very dissatisfied by the dormitory conditions of the school, so she changed her mind on the day of the registration.

Key factors for entering Cambridge: A good A-Level score is very important, Kexuan was only given a conditional offer with her 4 A* results; secondly, a personal statement is also very important; finally, it is the interview performance. Regarding personal statements: Kexuan was honest with the reason for choosing mathematics in her personal statement, she is still unclear about her future and direction. Therefore, in choosing mathematics, a very important basic subject, she hopes to discover her future and development direction in the process of learning and at her same time lay a solid foundation. In addition, in her personal statement, she also mentions her strength in mathematics, such as self-computation, sensitivity to numbers, and mathematical use in daily life.

About the interview: There were two interviews in Cambridge. The specific process can be confusing.

About 4 A*: Kexuan feels that getting 4 A*s is the biggest advantage in applying for Cambridge University, and the reason why she can achieve such good results is inseparable from the word “hard work”.

About the mathematics major: At the beginning, Kexuan was studying law in China. However, considering the difference between the civil law system and the Anglo-American legal system, it is difficult to study law abroad in China, and it is difficult to return to China for further development after studying law abroad. Therefore, Kexuan prefer to take a finance major that she really like very much, but she found out that there are lesser finance major courses in the UK. The University of Manchester offers a mathematics and finance major, so she set that as her main goal. With Cambridge University having a similar major, she decided to apply but I never thought she could get it.

Conclusion: At that time, kexuan visa took a while to be approved. She thought that she could not get it. Later, she finally got it at 9:00 on December 1 and immediately booked a ticket at 11:00. Many students think that the top prestigious schools like Cambridge Oxford are beyond reach. With the need to go to the UK for an interview, many students will retreat. But good opportunities are often not sent to the front, but it takes some time to fight for it. Life is full of opportunities and coincidences. If you don’t work hard, how do you know that good things will not come?