Foundation Studies for A-Level

Course Structure

The Foundation Studies for A-Level (Intensive) course is designed by Furen International School (FIS), with the aim of equipping students with the language, computational, analytical and comprehensive skills. This course is intended to be a foundation building program for students who are interested in joining the preparatory course for A-Level. This course is for students age 14 and above.

Since 2019, the School has implemented a compulsory entrance test for all prospective students of FIS. The objective of the entrance test is mainly for the school to have a better understanding of the students’ academic foundation.

The 12-month Foundation Studies for A-Level course is designed and developed for students who are keen on studying for preparatory courses for Cambridge International Examination (CIE) of FIS but did not perform up to standard in the school’s entrance test. The course comprises of two modules: English Language and Mathematics, with the aim to equip students with the language, computational, analytical and comprehensive skills that are essential for the study of the modules in the A-Level. The course is helpful as a foundation building and bridging program for students who are keen on joining the preparatory course for A-Level and most of the course content is developed based on the knowledge of GCE O-Level and IGCSE courses.

Upon the successful completion of the course, students are expected to possess the essential Mathematics and English language skills for studying their A-Level course.

Core Modules

English Language

The aim of the English module is to develop effective language use based on MOE O-Level English Language syllabus.

The English Language module aims to enable students to communicate effectively in English. At the end of the course, students are expected to be able to listen, read, write and speak to meet general living needs. They are also expected to speak, write and make presentations in internationally acceptable English for academic purposes. These skills are essential for the study of General Paper and other English-medium subject at A-Level.


The Mathematics module is developed based on MOE O-Level Mathematics syllabus. The module intends to provide students with the mathematical knowledge and concepts covered in the O-Level course and also to develop the necessary process skills for the acquisition and application of computational and analytical skills which are critical for the study of Mathematics at A-Level.


The Physics Module aims to provide basic experimental and practical skills thereby enabling students to acquire sufficient understanding and knowledge. It will give a brief introduction to the study of A-Level Physics and scientific methods, and develop students’ skills and abilities that are relevant to the safe practice of science.


The Chemistry module aims to provide fundamental understanding and application of scientific concepts and principles. Experimental work is an important component and underpins the teaching and learning of Chemistry. It is intended to prepare students with a broader base of practical chemistry to build up the essential knowledge that is required for the study of chemistry in A-Level.

Scope of study

All lessons will be conducted following the Foundation Studies for A-Level course structure designed by FIS.


This is a 12-month, full-time course with all lessons held on campus. There are 4 contact hours per school day, 5 days per week for a total of 20 contact hours per week.

Entry Requirements


At least 14 years of age as of 1st January on the year of course commencement.

Academic Requirement

Completed at least Singapore Secondary 3 education or equivalent, and obtained a pass in an English subject at Singapore Secondary 3 level or equivalent in country of origin.

Course Commencement Date

There are two intakes for this course. This course commences on 2nd January and 1st July of each year. If either of those dates fall on a Saturday or Sunday, the course shall commence on the first Monday after that date.

Furen International School reserves the right to cancel a class/or programme if the minimum number of students enrolled is less than 15. Students may then choose to enrol for a later intake, if any, or withdraw from the course. For refund, please refer to our Refund Policy.

Late Enrolment

Furen International School is able to consider late enrolment after commencement of course on a case-by-case basis.

Course Delivery Mode

Face-to-face lectures, tutorials, discussions

Course Fees

Full-Time (mths) 12
Course Fee (per month) S$1,690
Material Fee (per month) S$200
Exam Determined by respective exam board
Lab Fee S$1200
Student Development And Academic Activities Fee (per month)* S$435
Student Service** S$500
FPS Insurance Protection Fee 1.35% of the above total
GST 7% of the above total
Total Course Fee S$32,099.57

Above table shows you the new course fees with effect from 1 Jun 2020.

Click Here to see the Miscellaneous Fees Table.

* Fee includes academic related learning experience outside school (Note: Does not include oversea trip)
Note: FIS is providing both Medical Insurance as per regulatory requirement and Outpatient Coverage at no extra charge (terms & conditions apply; refer to for more details)

**S$500 for international student and S$260 for Singapore Citizen/ PR/DP/ Local Transfer Student (Fee includes the following: airport pick-up service, medical check-up, attending to ICA matters, administration charge for external exam registration and 1-day university tour)

Assessment Methods

Internal Assessment

A Unit Assessment will be set up, usually on the 7th week from the start of the Unit. The content of the test shall cover (but not limited to) all the contents delivered in that unit.

The Promotion Examination will be held in the middle of course delivery to assess students’ mastery of content being covered in the first six months.

Final Examination will be conducted before the end of the course delivery. Students will be allowed to commence their A-Level course if they can pass the Final Examination.

Internal Assessment Mode

Written Exams