FIS Teaching Evaluation for 2018

FIS Teaching Evaluation for 2018

FIS Teaching Evaluation

FIS conducted its second round of the 2018 teaching evaluation for the year. The general purpose of the evaluation is to gather information about the teachers’ effectiveness in teaching and to provide feedback for the teachers in order to achieve excellence.

FIS reviewed the teachers in these Five categories:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Knowledge of Subject Matter
  3. Teaching Methods
  4. Classroom Management
  5. Professional Disposition

Achieving a Perfect Score

Among the five categories, it is worth mentioning that all the teachers evaluated managed a perfect score for one important sub-category, which indicated whether the teacher displayed patience while clarifying students’ doubts in class. Overall, the teaching team has managed to outperform themselves not only collectively, but on an individual basis as well; this was evident from the results obtained, which went beyond the expected Key Performance Indicator (KPI) set by the School.  This indicates that the teachers at FIS offer high-quality teaching!


While FIS is proud to share the excellent results achieved by the high-quality Academic Teaching team from the latest teaching evaluation, the School has plans to continue to provide targeted assistance and training for the teachers, in order to help them in their professional development.