FIS Alumni At SUTD

FIS Alumni At SUTD

Three of our FIS alumni currently studying at SUTD, invited our Vice-Principal, Mr. Terry, to attend their Muay Thai friendly match in school. Shang Zewen, Wu QI, and Jin Yunze graduated from FIS and were accepted by SUTD.  They had a number of offers from different countries including schools in the UK and Australia but ultimately decided to study in SUTD.

Throughout their education journey in FIS, they have built strong bonds with both the students and teachers of FIS. FIS teachers and staff always take the extra step to make sure our alumni are doing well in their respective school and university.

FIS is very happy that the student not only performed in studies but also performed in the different aspect of student development. FIS thank Shang Zewen, Wu QI, and Jin Yunze for sharing lives in SUTD with us. We hope to hear from them soon and we wish them all the best in their studies in SUTD.