Course Structure

The ACT® is a national (and international) college admission standardized test taken by over one million students worldwide, for gaining admissions to US colleges. Started in 1959, the ACT® was established as an impartial assessment of a student’s potential for success in a college, help the student gauge his or her abilities in the core subjects taught in the high school, and to assist colleges in admission by providing a standardized measurement of a student’s ability from different schools across the world. The ACT® has four mandatory subject tests, English, Reading, Mathematics, and Science, with an optional 30-minute Writing test.

Established in 2000, FIS is a Committee for Private Education (CPE)-registered Private Education Institution (PEI) and is certified with EduTrust Certification Scheme. The school is able to offer the Preparatory Course for American College Test (ACT®).

Upon completion of the course, students would have developed the knowledge of their chosen subjects and acquired the skills to prepare for their ACT® test. The ACT® may be taken more than once, and students can choose which scores are to be sent to the colleges for review. Students who achieve good results can look forward to pursuing post-secondary or higher education either in some Singapore schools, or abroad.

Module Synopses

The English module at FIS covers two broad areas. The first is Usage and Mechanics (including punctuation, grammar, usage, and sentence structure). The second is Rhetorical Skills (including strategy, organization, and style). Usage and Mechanics requires effective punctuation and grammar knowledge. Rhetorical Skills focuses on the understanding of the passage as a whole, as well as the ability to maximize the passage’s organization and style.

In the Mathematics module, pacing and problem solving skills are the main areas of focus. This module covers the following topics: Pre-Algebra (20-25%), Elementary Algebra (15-20%), Intermediate Algebra (15-20%), Coordinate Geometry (15-20%), Plane Geometry (20-25%), and Trigonometry (5-10%).

For the Science module, developing scientific skills is key; areas like reading and understanding graphs, charts, experiment summaries, or conflicting viewpoints from scientists, and subsequent interpretation, analysis, evaluation of such information form part of this module. Students’ problem solving skills in learning are also taught here. The science content may include biology, chemistry, physics, and earth/space sciences (including geology, astronomy, and meteorology).

This is a 6 months full-time course with all lessons held on campus. There are 5 contact hours per school day, 5 days per week for a total of 30 contact hours per week.

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