Preparatory Course For Aviation English

Course Synopsis

The main thrust of the Preparatory Course for Aviation English, is to provide aspiring pilots the opportunity to have an adequate command of the English Language that will enable the said student to comprehend the theoretical aspects of Aviation Radio-telephony, Aviation Law, Flight Rules and Procedures, Aircraft Systems, Human Performance and Limitations, Navigation Principles, Instruments, Radio Aids and Meteorology.

Furen International School is one of the appointed CIE centres in Singapore, which fulfils the requirements of CIE. Established in 2000, Furen International School is a Council for Private Education (CPE) registered Private Education Institution (PEI) certified under EduTrust Certification Scheme.

At the end of the course, students will have developed the knowledge and skill of Aviation English by attending the course at Furen International School.
Module Synopses

Aviation English for Radio-Telephony

This module aims to provide familiarisation of standard terms and phrases that are used in the communication between flight crew and air traffic controllers relating to the different phases of flight. The module covers general procedures of radiotelephony and a wide spectrum of phraseologies used in describing and reporting flight status such as position coordinates, weather conditions and the various in-flight situations.

Aviation English for the Private Pilot

This module aims to provide familiarisation of Federal Aviation Administration and the Code of Federal Regulations. The module covers Aeronautical Information Manual, Advisory Circular, Flight Manuals and other documents. Students will learn the significance of airport operations and airspace, concepts of navigation, weather theory and aviation weather services.

Aviation English for the Airline Pilot

This module aims to provide familiarisation of flight planning and flight monitoring. The module covers the use of navigational computer for various computations, understanding of velocities, calculate the relationship between fuel, flight level, speed and range, calculate track record, closing angle, critical point and point of no return and understanding the properties of the various plotting charts such as Standard Mercator and the Lambert Conformal. Students will learn to complete and file air traffic flight plan, conversant with practical flight planning, understanding radio’s communication, navigational aids and radio planning.


This is a 4 month full-time course with all lessons held on campus. There are 4 contact hours per school day, 5 days a week for a total of 20 contact hours per week.

Entry Requirement
At least 16 years of age as at 1 January on the year of course commencement.

Academic Requirement: Completed at least Singapore Secondary 4 Mathematics and Science scoring a C6 or equivalent in country of origin and at least an E8 grade in an English subject at Singapore Secondary 4 level or equivalent in country of origin.

Course Commencement Date
There is only one intake for this course and it commences on 1st February of each year. If that date falls either on a Saturday or Sunday, the course will commence on the first Monday after that date.

Furen International School reserves the right to cancel a class/or programme if the minimum number of students enrolled is less than 10. Students may then choose to enrol for a later intake, if any, or withdraw from the course. For refund, please refer to our Refund Policy.

Late Enrolment
Furen International School is able to consider late enrolment after commencement of course on a case by case basis.

Course Delivery Mode
Face to face lectures, tutorial, and discussions.

Course Fee Structure

Full-Time (mths) 4
Tuition Fee S$18,000
Medical Insurance Premium S$280
Student Service Fee S$500
School Uniform & Student Peripherals S$390
Total Course Fee for FPS S$19,170
FPS Insurance Protection Fee @ 1.5% S$287.55
GST @ 7% S$1,362.03
Total Course Fee $20,819.58
No. of Instalments 1


Internal Assessment
Students will sit for an assessment test after each module

Internal Assessment Mode

Written Exams

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