Congratulations to the Partnership between the University of Glasgow and Furen International School

Congratulations to the Partnership between the University of Glasgow and Furen International School

Congratulations to the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom in becoming the 76th partner university with Furen International School. The University of Glasgow is another old university that has become our partner university after Durham University and will provide conditional admission offer to students of FIS with qualifications based on the results of Furen International School A level examination.

The University of Glasgow was founded in 1451 and is located in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. The old British elite school is one of the ten oldest universities in the world, and the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world, ranking 51st in the world. The school is also one of the founding school of the Ivy League and the international university organization Universitas 21.

As a comprehensive British classical university, the University of Glasgow is closely linked to the development of human civilization. A large number of outstanding alumni such as Adam Smith, the father of economics, James Watt, the author of the Industrial Revolution, Francis Hutchison, the father of Scottish philosophy, Baron Kelvin, the father of thermodynamics, Joseph Liszt, the father of modern antibacterial medicine, Ding Wenjiang, the father of modern Chinese geology, James McGill the founder of McGill University in Canada, British Prime Minister Henry Campbell Bannerman and Andrew Bona Law, have made remarkable contributions to the development of society. The University of Glasgow has trained seven Nobel Prize winners, two British prominent Prime Ministers and founder of four prestigious institutions, and many other leading elites in the fields of law, science, and business have enjoyed a high reputation in Europe and around the world.

In the 2018 QS World University Rankings, Glasgow University was ranked 65th in the world and became the first university in the UK to receive a five-star rating. It was ranked 80th in the world and 10th in the United Kingdom in Times Higher Education World University, ranked 102nd in usnews, ranked 48th in the world in the Financial Times’Master of Finance Ranking and ranked 8th in Europe among the top 100 European Universities in the world. It was also Ranked 19th in the world in the internationalization ranking of Times Higher Education World University in 2017. In the official ranking of REF 2014 UK universities, Glasgow University ranked 13th in the United Kingdom.

To learn more about our partner universities or any other information on application details, please consult our application team. Non- FIS students are welcome to contact us.