Congratulations to our 8 scholars who received scholarships from FIS for successfully entering into BCA Academy Singapore

Congratulations to our 8 scholars who received scholarships from FIS for successfully entering into BCA Academy Singapore

Which School in Singapore provides the best education in Building and Construction?

I believe those that have been paying attention to Furen International School will know that one of the best place to learn and study about building and construction would be BCA Academy, BCAA for short.

As a teaching and research institution affiliated with the Singapore Building and Construction Authority. BCA Academy is a Singapore government school specializing in professional courses in the construction industry. The biggest advantage of BCAA is they Provide a half-year internship opportunities in large companies in the construction industry. The employment rate is extremely high with 85% of BCAA Diploma graduates being employed within six months.

BCAA is especially suitable for students who have passed the O level. BCAA three-year diploma course certified by NARIC (National Academic Accreditation Information Center) is also equivalent to the first year of a British university which allows graduates to apply directly to the second year of undergraduate courses at overseas universities. (FIS alumni Lu Chunrong graduated from BCAA and applied to the University of Liverpool and Imperial College of Technology). You can also get a degree from Newcastle University, Australia under BCAA direct undergraduate course. The degree course will be conducted at BCA Academy and the tuition cost is about half that of Australia’s. Students with relevant diploma qualification could get up to 1.5 years of exemption.

With such a good school, FIS will look to enhance the collaboration with BCAA so as to help FIS students open up more options in their education journey. On 30th October BCAA teachers came to FIS to give a presentation to FIS Students.

Senior lecturer Lin Hualong introduced himself in a comprehensive manner. We learned and understood that one of the advantages of the 3-year diploma BCAA course is that it is possible to use the holiday time (The school has a four-month holiday each year) to finish the course in as soon as 2 years. In addition, students with a diploma can apply directly to the second year of an overseas university. It is equivalent to completing the undergraduate degree two years earlier than the student of their same age. This Significantly saved time and money costs.

Now studying at BCAA, FIS O-level graduate Wang Jun also shared his experience with FIS current students. He shared that the BCAA entry threshold is not as high as other polytechnics, you only need to have an O level score to be allowed to take the entrance exam for the school. But it’s definitely a school where you can learn many real skills that are relevant to real society now. As long as you work hard, you will definitely have good employment prospects and opportunities for further studies.

To encourage the Alumni of FIS that went on to study at BCAA, FIS decided to award scholarship to these 8 FIS Alumni that applied to BCAA through FIS. It is reported that the scholarship will cover most of the tuition fees for one year. Students interested in BCAA courses can contact us.