Our 2017 A-Level Results

Our 2017 A-Level Results

The Singapore GCE A-Level results were released slightly earlier this year in late February (instead of March). A nervy time for all involved, this year’s results turned out to be the second-best performance by an A-Level cohort nation-wide since the revision of the A-Level curriculum close to a decade ago.

So how did our students fare this year?

  • 10% of our students scored at least 3 As for their H2 subjects
  • 30% of our students scored at least 3 Bs (or the equivalent of 3 Bs) for their H2 subjects
  • Passing rate of over 65% for each H2 subject

Wow… that’s pretty impressive isn’t it?! Wait, that’s not all. The CIE A-Level results were also released earlier this year in January and despite this being only our third year having this programme, our students who sat for the examinations fared similarly well:

  • 16% of our students scored at least 3 As
  • 33% of our students scored at least 3 Bs
  • Passing rate of at least 80% for each subject

Now, the next step of their journey awaits them as they get busy with the important decision of university applications. May they Rise Above The Ordinary in the years to come!

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